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Thursday, January 02 2014
Wildlife Control in Georgia

With winter here, wildlife--  including mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons, and other small animals are looking nice warm place to spend during the winter. Your home, because it is warm, is as good a place as any, especially if wildlife like bats, rats, flying squirrels and mice find their ways into your, basement, attic or crawlspace. Animals like these are looking for a safe and secure environment to bed down in, that is out of the freezing weather, and that will protect them through the cold winter months.  Most houses meet those requirements, especially if there is an obvious way into the home, like through small gaps in siding. You would be amazed at how small a space a flying squirrel or a rat can fit through and gain access to your home.  If you have have obvious issues like that, you should consider some pest-proofing techniques to keep Georgia wildlife out of your home or business.  

To keep these troublesome critters from intruding into your domicile, make sure that your home is not easily penetrated by pests and wildlife. Eliminate all possible areas where animals can enter your home, particularly around the attic by covering the attic exhaust fans and or exhuast vents with a wire-type mesh that is stapled in place.  We have seen many hot tubs ruined as well by rodents that seek refuge in the warmth of a hot tub interior and chew all the insulation, wiring, and potentially actual holes in the tub itself. Make sure that you cover soffit vents with the same wire-material and inspect your roof, vents, soffits and fascias for any signs of damage or deterioration, regularly. Make sure you pay attention to any places where gables, valleys, hip roofs, or dormers meet the top of your house.  These places are often first to cause roofing problems as well, which in turn makes them hold water when they are damaged, and these places also make it easy for animals to create holes where they can enter your home. Chimneys are also places where animals, rodents, and birds can enter your home, and or cause a nuisance if you use your fireplace.  

Some rats called roof rats, have even been shown to be migratory, and can enter your attic, leave, and return another season.

Here are some steps you can follow to keep wildlife under control in your Georgia, Cordele, Perry GA, Americus, Albany GA, Fitzgerald GA, or Tifton GA home:


  • Make sure to eliminate dog food or bird food from feeders.  These often draw wildlife, especially possums to the outside of your home and bring them close.  Many homes have regular wildlife visitors to these feeding stations.

  • Keep trash cans outside covered securely, and with heavy or tightly fitting lids.  Raccoons in particular have been known to be clever enough to open trash cans that do not have secure lids.

  • Install fencing around waste containers which provide wildlife exclusion.

  • Keep firewood stacked away from your home, outbuildings, and fences.

  • Eliminate dead trees which are often inhabited by wildlife and can keep them near to your home.

  • Also, keep tree branches and shrubbery off of your home, as these provide easy access for animals into your home.

Wildlife animals can also be dangerous to domesticated animals, as well as spreading diseases like rabies.  Wildlife animals are also known for transmitting ticks and fleas. Animals can also be aggressive, especially when they are protecting their young.  Be careful with these, that you do not approach them as some can be dangerous to you or children.   

If you are dealing with pests or wildlife inside your home, attic, or crawlspace this winter, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Cobra Extermination Company. We can help control wildlife, pests, mice, rats, other rodents and other insects and pests. 

We serve Cordele, Perry, Tifton, Fitzgerald, Albany, Americus, Ocilla, and the entire Middle Georgia area.  We also are Bed Bug Exterminators.  Call us Cobra Exterminators at:  229.322.2504

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