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Thursday, February 20 2014
Why the Cockroach is One of the Most Hated Pests

Cockroaches in Middle Georgia

The cockroach one of the most hated pests in a home! Our clients we do pest control for in Americus and Cordele GA tell us they can't stand these things all the time!  Remember the old saying, "If mama isn't happy ain't no one happy?"--  well that is what happens when those little German cockroaches invade her kitchen. We've been doing this kind of work for almost thirty years and my how treating a home or commercial business has changed not only the products that we use today but our approach to how we treat.

Pest control is not coming into your domain with a sprayer and hosing the entire place down with chemicals but now takes takes a completely different approach. The integrated approach is what we like to like to call this new idea Integrated Pest Management or IPM.  This involves working with the home owner or management of a facility to ensure the best results. This includes helpful ideas for sanitation, the sealing of cracks, and a thorough inspection so one can make the best choice as to what approach to use. These approaches, by and large, all use "green" chemicals which are not toxic to human life.

We have all kinds of different baits, dusts and aerosols that we can use, but also an approach is to use a minimal amount but enough to get the job done. Bottom line is always a happy customer and no pests in the home, in addition to having a customer that knows you've got his or her family in mind so that we don't over expose them to any harmful chemicals. Sometimes no chemicals at all can work but this takes a lot of work on both parties, most of the time some type of chemical or baits need to be used to eradicate roaches or any other kinds of pests!

Remember roaches can carry up to 13 diseases that humans can catch, so they're not only pests in the home but spread disease to human life.  So decisions have to be made where you are weighing what you would like done. Just remember a licensed pest control operator is you best choice when you need to have it done right!

Cobra Exterminating Company is located in Cordele, Georgia, but serves clients with pest control services all over Middle Georgia. We provide pest services in Americus, Albany Ga, and Fitzgerald GA.  If you are in Middle Georgia, chances are, we serve your community.  We would love to have the opportunity to serve you.  

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