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Pest Management, Pest Control, and Bed Bug FAQ

  • How does Integrated Pest Management (IPM) differ from traditional Georgia pest control?
    IPM is an approach that utilizes knowledge of pest biology and behaviors to control or eliminate pest populations in a target area. IPM includes various pest management principles to reduce chemical hazards to our clients and the environment while maintaining effective control.

  • What does "integrated" mean?
    The use of many pest management techniques (inspection, identification, sanitation, cultural habit control, mechanical and physical control as well as, chemical control) to achieve established pest management targets.

  • What is habitat modification?
    Homes have different deficiencies which provide food, water, and harborage for pests. Decreasing the availability of all the above for the pest and denying access into the home will help control infestations.

  • Does IPM eliminate the use of pesticides?
    An effective IPM program may include the use of pesticides if needed. However, the amount needed will likely be reduced from that needed without IPM.

  • When pesticides are used, how are they applied?
    The appropriate use and application of pesticides is spelled out by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and others, and will vary according to circumstances and label directions. Your IPM technician will tell you where and how pesticides will be applied in or near your home.

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