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Thursday, February 20 2014
Why the Cockroach is One of the Most Hated Pests

Cockroaches in Middle Georgia

The cockroach one of the most hated pests in a home! Our clients we do pest control for in Americus and Cordele GA tell us they can't stand these things all the time!  Remember the old saying, "If mama isn't happy ain't no one happy?"--  well that is what happens when those little German cockroaches invade her kitchen. We've been doing this kind of work for almost thirty years and my how treating a home or commercial business has changed not only the products that we use today but our approach to how we treat.

Pest control is not coming into your domain with a sprayer and hosing the entire place down with chemicals but now takes takes a completely different approach. The integrated approach is what we like to like to call this new idea Integrated Pest Management or IPM.  This involves working with the home owner or management of a facility to ensure the best results. This includes helpful ideas for sanitation, the sealing of cracks, and a thorough inspection so one can make the best choice as to what approach to use. These approaches, by and large, all use "green" chemicals which are not toxic to human life.

We have all kinds of different baits, dusts and aerosols that we can use, but also an approach is to use a minimal amount but enough to get the job done. Bottom line is always a happy customer and no pests in the home, in addition to having a customer that knows you've got his or her family in mind so that we don't over expose them to any harmful chemicals. Sometimes no chemicals at all can work but this takes a lot of work on both parties, most of the time some type of chemical or baits need to be used to eradicate roaches or any other kinds of pests!

Remember roaches can carry up to 13 diseases that humans can catch, so they're not only pests in the home but spread disease to human life.  So decisions have to be made where you are weighing what you would like done. Just remember a licensed pest control operator is you best choice when you need to have it done right!

Cobra Exterminating Company is located in Cordele, Georgia, but serves clients with pest control services all over Middle Georgia. We provide pest services in Americus, Albany Ga, and Fitzgerald GA.  If you are in Middle Georgia, chances are, we serve your community.  We would love to have the opportunity to serve you.  

Please call us for a free inspection!  229.322.2504


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Wednesday, February 12 2014
The Spring Pest Swarm is Coming to Middle Georgia, Perry, Cordele, and Americus!

During this time of the year in Middle Georgia, which is places like pest control in Perry GA, and exterminating in Americus GA, bugs are not moving around as voraciously becuase of the colder weather.  Even mosquitos tend to survive the cold, as most bugs do, however they move much slower than they do in warmer weather.  They are also not as apt to reproduce during this time.  Mosquitos, it has been shown, can survive in temperatures well beneath freezing, which is why they are not completely wiped out during the winter, and survive anew each season.  Some pests like bed bugs, that survive mostly indoors are unaffected by the weather, however.  

This Spring, however, pests tend to swarm, especially termites, and believe it or not, although many customers handle pest control in there home with an "out of sight, out of mind" approach, this is actually the best season to begin to prepare to protect your home from bugs and pests that would otherwise invade or destroy your home.  Our bait station and spray treatments can keep your home from incurring the termite swarm, and our standard pest control services in Cordele, where our home office is located, can keep your home bug and pest free not only through the time of year where bugs are not normally showing up, but also keep them from showing up when they tend to swarm.

Pest control is an industry of management, and if you manage it all year long, your home will be better cared for in the long run, and protected from insects that will harm your home and your healthy living environment.  

As Always, Cobra Exterminating Company is here to help you with any of your pest control needs.  We serve communities all over Middle Georgia, including Perry, Americus, and Cordele.  Please call us if you have any quesitons.  We kill bugs of all kinds, including termites, ants, silverfish, roaches, palmetto bugs and bed bugs.

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Friday, January 24 2014

If you have silverfish in your home, you may have a host of other bugs and pests as well that you may be wondering how to get rid of.  Silverfish are small insects that are silver in color, thus their name, and it walks almost like a fish swims.  They do have small legs that can be seen as well.  Most are in the range of an inch to half an inch in length, and these bugs are common to the middle Georgia area, including area like the ones we live in:  Perry GA, Cordele GA, Americus GA, and Fitzgerald GA.   Many times they can be found in bathroom areas, as they like humid, moist environments.  You may find them near the shower or the tub drain, as they are often seen there.  They can also be found in your kitchen cupboards, basements, laundry rooms, attics and areas underneath sinks, where moisture collects. There are some things that you can do to get rid of these pests, so we would like to leave you with some tips to help you be rid of them.  

To get rid of silverfish, and many other common pests, follow the following instructions:


  1. Eliminate Places where they enter the home. They often come in where pipes enter the home, or sometimes where electrical wiring comes in as well.  If you seal these areas up tight with caulk or similar, it can make a radical difference in the number of bugs and pests that are able to enter your home.

  2. Alter the Conditions in Your Home. Silverfish parcticularly like it humid and moist.  If you use a dehumidifier, or make sure that the towels in your bathroom dry completely, it can remove the places they thrive in--  and thus, they will find other more suitable environments, outside of your home--  or they die from a less than favorable environment.

If you're worried about these bugs biting you or your family members, they do not bite, so you don't have to worry, however they are often a nuissance if you don't like bugs in your house.

If you've followed our recommendations, and you still continue to have silverfish or pest control problems, then it's time to call in the experts at Cobra Exterminating Company.  We have decades of service and can help to remove any bugs, wildlife, termites, or pests that you may find in your home.  Call us today at:  229-322-2504.

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Monday, December 30 2013
Pest Control in Georgia

Many people think that doing their own pest control is a savings when in actuality it is not--  it can be more expensive, and actually more toxic for your family.  The professional pest control industry has undergone quite a revolution in the past 5 years, particularly where "green" chemicals are concerned.  The overwhelming majority of chemicals that are applied inside a home are non-toxic for humans, and are actually considered green, which help those who enlist the services of those companies to maintain a healthy environment for their families.  Cobra Exterminating Company uses environmentally friendly chemicals wherever possible, as they provide:  Pest control in Perry GA, extermination in Cordele, Adel Ga, Fitzgerald GA, Albany GA, and Americus GA.  If your home isn't in that geographical area, we probably service your home-- as we also service all of Middle Georgia.

These chemicals, although green, are just as effective as their toxic counterparts at killing all kinds of bugs, including: termites, ants, roaches, cockroaches, millipedes, centipedes, and a host of other pests that might normally invade the home.  

In addition to environmentally friendly chemicals, new procedures are also available which assist in pest control. For example, bed bugs are reasonably impervious to the majority of non-toxic chemicals.  These bugs, while present prior to the 1950's, were virtually eliminated completely by DDT.  DDT however, was outlawed for home use because of its injurious nature to human life, and new strategies were necessary in order to defeat the creatures.  Heat treatments are the latest accomplishment in bed bug removal, and are extremely effective at making a home clean and free of these annoying insects.  

Termite treatments have changed significantly over the years as well. There was a time we were often drilling through concrete to treat a home, but more often than not, termite stations are used now, or the termidor treatments can be used as well which are extremely effective at eliminating these wood eating insects, which inevitably protects your home.

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Sunday, December 29 2013
The Crazy Ant Has Come Your Way!

Have you heard about the "Crazy Ant"?  If you haven't, you should at the very least be alerted to this phenom, as it could quite easily be heading your way.  This ant is like NOTHING you have ever seen before.  If you get infested with this ant, you will absolutely know as these infestations are huge.  

The crazy ant is primarily an outdoor ant and an infestation literally can cover a driveway, or an acre of land. They are extrememly hard to kill.  Some homeowners just come home at the end of the day only to find their propery covered in these creatures, or their driveway covered, corner to corner.  These ants mean business.  They're not like fire ant or termite, or normal ant colonies which normally occupy a specific and more localized area, they occupy large areas. For this reason, they can be extremely difficult to kill, just because of the large amount of pesticides that are required to kill an infestation.  Often times, again just because of the sheer size of the ant colony, they can easily recurr, and/or move to neighboring or adjacent property.  

Pest Control scientists are currently working on better means of eradicating these pests, and USA today just recently had an article on the Crazy Ant as well.  You can read that article here:

Cobra Extermintors can remove any of your ant problems, termites, or bed bugs. Call us if you need our services.  229.322.2904

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