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Sunday, December 29 2013
The Crazy Ant Has Come Your Way!

Have you heard about the "Crazy Ant"?  If you haven't, you should at the very least be alerted to this phenom, as it could quite easily be heading your way.  This ant is like NOTHING you have ever seen before.  If you get infested with this ant, you will absolutely know as these infestations are huge.  

The crazy ant is primarily an outdoor ant and an infestation literally can cover a driveway, or an acre of land. They are extrememly hard to kill.  Some homeowners just come home at the end of the day only to find their propery covered in these creatures, or their driveway covered, corner to corner.  These ants mean business.  They're not like fire ant or termite, or normal ant colonies which normally occupy a specific and more localized area, they occupy large areas. For this reason, they can be extremely difficult to kill, just because of the large amount of pesticides that are required to kill an infestation.  Often times, again just because of the sheer size of the ant colony, they can easily recurr, and/or move to neighboring or adjacent property.  

Pest Control scientists are currently working on better means of eradicating these pests, and USA today just recently had an article on the Crazy Ant as well.  You can read that article here:

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