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Bed Bugs Macon GA

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Bed Bugs Eradication & Extermination in Macon GA and Middle Georgia

Bedbugs or bed bugs in Macon GA are insects of the family Cimex Lectularius. This term usually refers to insect species that feed on the blood of human beings. Insects in this family actually survive exclusively on the blood of warm-blooded creatures, specifically. The name for the 'bedbug' is derived from the fact that the insect would rather survive in beds or other areas where people rest, because in that space, it has plenty of food. Bedbugs tend mainly to be active at night where they can feed on the humans that they draw blood from.

There are effects to the health and well being of those that bed bugs bite including skin rashes, allergies, and the embarrassment of having bite marks, which can affect the psychological well being of the person being bitten. Bedbugs have other common names including: wall louse, mahogany flat, crimson rambler, heavy dragoon, chinche, and redcoat. Bed Bugs were largely eradicated during the 1950's through the use of DDT, however there has been a resurgence of them since 1995, particularly because the use of DDT is now prohibited as it has been found toxic and harmful to humans.

Bed Bug Bites and Other Concerns:

Bedbugs normally bite people at night, whenever they pierce the skin and draw blood from their hosts, much like a tick would, other than the fact that the bed bug releases where the tick continues to feast and does not release from the skin. The bedbug is engorged in approximately 3-10 minutes, yet the person even rarely knows they are being attacked, more often because the people are asleep. Normally, bed bugs do not take up residence on human beings like lice do, so one does not normally have to worry about carrying them around on them.  Once they are engorged, they release from their human host and digest their food elsewhere. Symptoms from a bed bug bite vary, but most have localized swelling in the area of the bite mark. Some people have no reaction at all, and in others skin reactions can be delayed. Allergic symptoms can also come to bear. Bed bugs are indiscriminate as to where they bit their victims. Where fleas would bite around the ankles, bed bugs will bite you most anywhere. Some people don't notice they have been bitten, as the welts and marks often resemble mosquito bites, and are mistaken for those. For these reasons, infestations can go a long time before being noticed, but eventually it grows worse and the bed bugs infest the home completely. Bed Bugs normally appear after travel, occupying luggage or bedding, or after a used bed is purchased. Bed bugs also are suspected if a person wakes up with itchy bites that previously were not present prior to sleep. At the same time, it is important to recognize that not all insect bites or skin reactions are due to bedbugs. Confirmation or a bed bug infestation often requires finding and identifying the creatures in the home, which is best done by a professional company like Cobra Extermination Company which does bed bug extermination in Macon GA. 

Detecting Bed Bugs:

Sometimes, bed bugs can be pretty easily detected in the creases and the folds of a mattress, on the frames of the bed, on box springs, night stands, head boards, and around the bases or baseboards of a bed.  We recommend that those who travel check these places in a room before occupying it.  Bed Bugs can also hide in furniture, sofas, couches, chairs, and other places as well--anyplace where humans occupy and they can get a good meal.  Bed bugs also leave a lot of waste, and these waste products of dark blood spots and shed skins are easier to find than the pests themselves. We can also use Bed Bug Detection Dogs to find them in hidden areas of the home. This gives us the exact location of activity and allows us to use less pesticides and also do a better job eradicating them.

Bed Bug Extermination in Macon GA:

Thermal Heating Units can be used to heat the rooms or entire structure up to 135 degrees or so which kills the pests. Bed bugs cannot survive in that kind of heat so it kills the insect in all stages and forms. In many cases we can use a kind of pesticide once the heat treatment is complete, which will assist in bed bug extermination. People often ask if bed bugs can carry diseases, and they can, however transmission from person to person is unlikely as they often stay near the bed they occupy. Their medical significance is chiefly limited to the itchiness and the swelling. Typical first aid works effectively on the bites as it would a fire ant bite, bee sting, or other insect bite and normal allergy medications can treat allergic reactions.  Bed bugs definitely reduce the quality of life, not to mention the possibility of having guests in their home who can carry them elsewhere to their own homes, risking the infestation of their domiciles.

Do you live in or near Macon and need to have Bed Bugs Removed?

If you need to have bed bugs removed from your home, then call Cobra Pest Control as we are bed bug exterminators in Macon GA and the surrounding communities.

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